Encouraging Teachers to Create Content

 All teachers have seen Blooms Taxonomy – even the revised one. We understand higher order thinking and are encouraged to get students to higher levels. One thing that has been encouraged in the past years as a means to this goal is to get students creating. They create blogs, podcasts, glogs, movies, quizzes, games, anything to get students to demonstrate their knowledge in a unique way that will stick with them. This is great! But are we being hypocritical if we, the teachers, are not creating content as well? 

I have taught for 9 years without a teacher book. I have never used a pre made test (benefit of being an elective teacher). I have created things for my classroom for years and I am 10000% positive every teacher ever has done the same thing. It is amazing to me to share ideas with other teachers in my building. They are so creative! It is inspiring! So why not inspire others outside your building? 

Or think of it this way: When is the last time you googled something? When is the last time you used a worksheet or resource someone else made? The internet is a great thing. We can get so much information and resources easily. If we get so much from others, doesn’t it make sense to share a little too? 

Just think about the best lesson you created this year. The best worksheet. A great bulletin board idea. Now share it! Really….it’s pretty easy. There are so many platforms for teachers to share their resources. I bet it is easier than you think. Here are some ideas that don’t involve making a webpage. 

1. Teachers Pay Teachers
This site is wonderful! It is a great resource but it is also easy to upload your lesson, poster, image, or idea. You can even make money for it, if you want to. 

2. Lesson Paths (formerly MentorMob)
Create lessons that are paths. These are great to use in class to help students learn a specific topic. When you create a path you can allow them to be seen by other teachers. A very easy way to create something for class and allow it to be used by others as well. 

3. Live Binders
Not only is this a great resource so you have all your material in one place, but you can also connect, share, and collaborate with other teachers. Again, a win win for you and others. 

4. Twitter
Yep…twitter. Even if you do not share a lesson plan or worksheet, odds are you have read an article you thought was interesting or visited a site that would be a great resource. So tweet it out! If you found it interesting, more than likely someone else would like it as well!

5. Quizlet
I love Quizlet. This site is the trifecta! Students can create quizzes, you can create quizzes, and they can all be shared! You can use it as a assessment, student activity, and way to further teaching a specific topic. 

This is a VERY short list of ways teachers can quickly share what they have already made. Don’t just be a consumer of resources, create!!!


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